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instant construction

6 weeks - factory production, delivery and installation

Modular mobile houses and buildings

“Plug and Play” fabricated

Houses for instant installation

Houses for living of any size – from 18 m2 to 230 m2 and more for comfort life. We fabricate, deliver and install fully ready houses. Houses are produced at the factory, and are delivered fully ready, with external and internal finishing, windows and doors, bathrooms, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, electricity, water supply, kitchen, built-in furniture (optional). Houses are delivered by trucks in fully ready modules, then assembled on the plot and after few hours of installation are ready to use. You just need to plug it in.

Houses we fabricate may be safely moved to a different location, without any harm to internal and external finishing. We eliminate the continuous process of construction on the plot, it takes up to one day to completely install the house and start living there.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings of any size and purpose, up to 4 floors, are produced, transported and installed in very fast and efficient way. Relatively light-weighted modules arrive to the plot with internal and external finishing, easily mounted within 2-3 days.

Assembly process is simple and understandable and may be done under supervision of our team, requires minimum time and involvement of local construction team. All the production is done at the factory, only foundation, power and water supply are required to be done locally. That minimizes both administrative, labor and management costs, providing fast and effective way of construction. The building of 1 500 m2 may be produced at our facilities within 9 weeks, delivery and installation up to 9 days.

Modular houses

Mobile, ready to use

Guest / recreational / individual houses

Affordable, fast and convenient solution. Houses with one bedroom, bathroom fully equipped with appliances, kitchen and built-in furniture (optional). Currently we produce 3 types of guest / recreational / individual houses – 30 m2 with the price of €49 500, 40 m2 with the price of €64 500, and 46 m2 - €72 500. The cost includes the delivery of the fully ready house with internal and external finishing to Germany, Austria or Chechia. Houses may be delivered within 5-6 weeks.

Such houses might be installed on the plot aside of main house, as well as serve as place of living for one-two persons. We recommend using screw pile foundations, because it is fast and easy, and it does not harm the plot and plants on it, is environment friendly.

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Family houses

We offer a variety of family houses with 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, fully equipped with appliances. These houses are designed for comfort living of the family of 3-4-5 people, have rational configuration, using all internal space in the most efficient way. Contemporary outstanding architecture and modern design of interior provide comfort living, the space one would prefer to spend happy time with family members.

All our houses are energy efficient, well equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Houses might be used in any climate zone under any weather/climate conditions, including sever winters with heavy snow and hot summers.

The pricing of fully ready house of fully ready house of 62 m2 is €95 500, 82 m2 - €123 500, 130 m2 – €187 500. Other sizes and projects are available. The cost includes the delivery Germany, Austria or Chechia. Family house may be delivered within 6-7 weeks.

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Exclusive Houses

Our architecture burau may develop the project that suits your exclusive needs and taste. If you have a plot that requires additional creative approach, we would be happy to develop the best solution for you. We have big experience in projecting and production of exclusive houses and are capable to complete any creative challenge.

The cost of production of exclusive houses is about €1 850 / m2. Additional cost for project development would be applied. The time of project development is about 2 weeks, production and delivery of the house up to 9 weeks.

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Fabricated fully ready buildings for many purposes – for compact temporary living of large amount of people like hotels or hostels. Our buildings may serve for medical needs, provide office space. Modular construction allows to create schools, hospitals, buildings for refugee’s camps, etc.

The cost of our buildings may vary from €1 250 to €1 900 per m2, that depends on internal and external finishing, appliances, purpose of use, construction details. We are capable to produce up to 1 500 m2 within 9-10 weeks, and deliver fully ready modules for fast assembly on the plot, that will take not more than 3-4 days.

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future of construction

1. Speed

No other way of construction may produce a contemporary fully functional and ready to use house in 6 weeks, that fits the standard “Plug and Play”. We also exclude any construction processes on the plot or inside the house before and after it has been delivered and installed.

Extremely fast production and deployment is possible due to innovative technology, careful selection of materials, 3 years of R&D, extensive testing. The way fully ready modules are constructed ensures straightforward and easy process of installation.

2. Mobility

Our houses are mobile. It means that you may move the house from one place to another. The house of any size may be moved fast, easy and cheap with the help of trucks to another location preserving all the functionality and finishing.

The ability to move the house rises its value, separating it from the cost of the land it stands on. It opens an additional opportunity to sell the house without the land, and then install on the same plot something different that better fits updated needs.

3. Quality of factory production

The quality of assembling of the house with all facilities and finishing that factory productions provides just cannot be achieved while constructing the house on the plot on open air. That leads to extensive durability of the house, low cost of maintenance, energy efficiency.

Internal and external finishing done in in fabric conditions along with the installation of appliances, electricity and ventilation with air conditioning are precise, durable and of highest quality. The backslash in frames for modules of 10 m long is no more than 5 mm, that is only possible for in fabric production.

4. Expandability

Modular structure allows to expand the house when needed by adding additional modules of any functionality and required size. Old modules might be replaced with new ones of a different functionality and size. The second and the third floors might be added as needed.

Buildings might be constructed step by step, expanding when need for the space grows. Adding additional sections to the building that uses modular technology is easy and fast. The cost of an expansion is much less than in a traditional construction.

5. Contemporary architecture and interior design

Our houses just look great, modern and outstanding. We are breaking the attitude to modular construction as something simple, low quality, poorly designed and expensive. Our houses are beautiful, contemporary, high quality, efficient and affordable.

Outstanding architecture, exclusive interior design, ergonomics of internal space. Our houses are designed to bring happiness to those who live in them, who spend their time living, working and enjoying their lives.

module house



Module house is a modern international company that is focused on new approaches in construction. The concept of fast production and deployment of highest quality houses and buildings was fully implemented using factory production of fully ready modules combined with advanced technology of lifting and transportation of ready products.

Creative architecture and interior design by Module House burau of architecture provides modern and outstanding solutions that are suitable for modular construction and preserve all the benefits of fabrication of the houses inside the factory.

Production facilities of Module House are in Slovakia and Ukraine. Further European expansion is expected soon.

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Technology and materials

In factory production of fully ready houses requires additional innovations. The frame should be strong enough to allow lifting and transportation without any risk of damage to internal and external finishing, windows, furniture, appliances, electricity and electro equipment. The sequence of construction is also important.

Improved advanced SIP panels combined with glued timber form the frames of the modules. External finishing of composite panels and burned modified wood provides durability and preserves the external colors and look for decades with almost no service. Air recuperation and advanced SIP insulation deliver high level of energy efficiency, providing the adequate balance of energy savings and the house cost.

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module house


Professional partnership

Module house is a modern international company that is focused on new approaches in construction. The Module House is looking for professional partners in Europe to sell, install and further support of our houses. We are ready to provide marketing support, accesses to all technology aspects of our production, consultations and all our experience, partially finance initial setup of sales, provide exclusivity for selected regions. We are ready to modify our production for the needs of specific region considering cultural, climate, regulation features.

We believe in stable trend of deurbanization that starts right now, and the demand for fast-deployed and high-quality houses will be constantly rising within next several years. We will ensure that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and successful.

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