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module house

About company

Modular houses and buildings

Archtecture, innovative technology, in-factory production

Modern innovative company

Module House is a modern innovative company that produces and delivers modular movable fast-deployed houses and buildings and operates in Europe. Module House started operations in 2016, we created a sophisticated team that is involved in architecture, R&D, production and marketing and sales.


For now, Module House has installed about 30 houses and buildings of more than 4 000 m2 total. Production facilities are in Slovakia and Ukraine, making the capacity of our production more than 2 000 m2/month. Years of innovative R&D combined with extensive testing of materials and constructions leaded to developed technology of modular in-factory production of fully ready houses and buildings.

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Creative and sophisticated

Architecture and technology


Bureau of architecture developed dozens of projects of buildings and houses that now are under production. We managed to create personal contemporary style in architecture, providing perfect look and feel of our houses and buildings – exterior and interior, also considering the technology of production and transportation limitations.

Modular construction

Modular construction is a new contemporary technology that allows to produce the house at the factory within 6 weeks and then deliver it fully ready to the plot and install it within 1-2 days. Modules of different sizes starting from 3x5 m to 4x12 m with the height up to 3.6 m form the houses of different size, look and functionality and may form the house starting form 15m2 and up to 4 floors building with unlimited area.

Fully ready fast fabrication

Fully ready modules with internal and external finishing, windows, doors, electricity, water supply and fixed furniture (optional), ventilation and heating, are produced at the factory. Modules leave the factory fully ready and then are assembled at the plot within 1-2 days. The house may be easily disassembled, moved safely to another plot and assembled again with no harm to internal and external finishing of the house.


Fully developed technology, chosen European and US suppliers of materials, ready projects and sequences of houses’ in-fabric construction allows us to expand our production capacity very fast. We are ready to provide dozens of houses monthly, thousands of m2 of modern buildings. We plan to open production at the center of Europe by the end of 2020. Further expansion to US is planned.


Module House constantly improves the technology, continues R&D, looks for better materials and approaches. Module House bureau of architecture continues to create new projects, architectural solutions and interior designs pushing forward the concept of modular construction and in-factory production of fully ready houses and buildings. We started to develop and implement complex projects of deployment of our houses that form organized efficient and functional villages of modern look and feel.

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