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sales of modular houses

instant construction

potential of growth


This year we expect deurbanization process to start and continue in Europe. That will be based on changed understanding of safety and shift towards working online at home. Being high recently, the demand for fast and affordable construction based on modular approach will continue to go up.

Modular construction based on Module House technology that allows the fastest and affordable sales, delivery and installation of houses and buildings requires minimum support and competence in construction itself. Instant construction that Module House offer, is an answer to that challenge of growing demand based on deurbanization. The demand for fast construction of buildings of some purposes is also expected.

Professional partnership

Module House is looking for professional partners in Europe to sell, install and support our houses and buildings. Further development in partnership may lead to establishing new production facilities for local markets as a joint venture based on franchise approach.

Module house offers


Module House is ready to provide:

  1. Extensive and qualified marketing and advertising partially financed by us. If you are reading this, it means that our marketing and advertising is effective.
  2. Extended trainings and instructions to sales personnel
  3. Complete support and trainings as to installation and support of our houses.
  4. Partial financing of demo houses to be installed in the region of the partner.
  5. Full support of Module House bureau of architecture as to develop new projects and adapt current projects to local needs, cultural features and habits of local markets.
  6. Full access to technology, pricing, economy of production and delivery.
  7. Resources to project and implement development projects – small villages, buildings or complexes of different purposes.
  8. Exclusivity for selected regions.

We would expect from the partner:

  1. Arranging of the sales area with sample demo houses to provide customers with the possibility to look, touchand feel the quality, architecture, interior accompanied with appropriate sales personnel. Convenient location is required.
  2. Ability to execute all preliminary work before the house or building installation – foundation, water supply, power supply, sewerage planning and installation if required.
  3. Provide installation and assembling of the houses and buildings after delivery on the plot.
  4. Provide further service of both guarantee and other.
  5. Provide constant feedback and influence on the marketing and advertising, participate in projects adaptation to local needs including local regulations and certification.
  6. Complete legalizing of the delivered and installed houses and buildings as to local requirements.
  7. Providing customers with appropriate financial services such as credits from leading financial structures ofthe region, insurance, etc.
  8. Many governments in Europe provide financial stimulations for modular and energy efficient construction. We expect the partner to help the customers with getting that financial stimulus.

Benificial and perspective

We expect the partnership to become extremely beneficial. Partner will gain from not only sales of the houses, but also from providing professional services as to foundation and supplies planning and installation, other professional services needed. For more information, please contact us.

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