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modular houses and buildings

production and installation

production facilities

technology and materials


Production facilities of Module House are in Eastern Slovakia and in Ukraine, Kiev region. Production process is sequential. First the frames of modules are assembled, the next stage includes installation of windows, the roof and the bottom, including ventilation, recuperation, heating and air conditioning. Then the modules are moved to the section of electricity, water supply and sewerage. Then outside finishing is done. The last stage is inside finishing, bathroom, kitchen and furniture installation.


Our houses are made of improved structural insulated panels (SIP) with EGGER OSB panels and NEOPOR BASF insulation. SIP panels are sealed and connected with glued timber and special hermetic. Other types of sandwiches are also available on request. No metal is used to form the house frame. The roof is covered with EPDM rubber by Firestone with the incline of 4.5 degrees. The bottom is waterproofed and covered by stainless steel. Each module is equipped with recuperation and ventilation system.

Innovations and mobility

instant construction

Energy efficiency

Avoiding metal elements in the house frame and using improved SIP panels makes our houses extremely efficient at lowering the energy consumption for heating and cooling. Usage of energy efficient multifunctional windows filled with argon additionally increases power savings. Assembling the frame at the factory under controlled humidity and temperature conditions guarantees the best possible performance of all the insulation materials and hermetic sealing of all walls. Our houses are good to use in any climate zone including northern and southern parts of Europe.

Outside finishing

Outside finishing is made from composite panels of ECOBOND and modified burnt wood by Yakisugi Japanese technology. That provides the best look and durability of outside finishing. Other materials for outside finishing for different architecture solutions are available – natural wood, stone. All materials we use for outside finishing ensures the durability – up to 25 years without changing the color, look and with limited care required.

Internal finishing

Gypsum plasterboard is used as a main material for internal finishing. The panels of natural wood may be used as well. Stretch ceiling is combined with installed lightening according to the project details. Floor is covered with durable laminate, tile or natural wood. Bathrooms are in pile finishing and Italian or German plumbing. Kitchen and other built-in furniture are produced by our furniture department, installed at the fabric and ideally fit the module sizes and are combined with internal finishing. Internal finishing, materials, details of power supply, air conditioning, water supply, furniture depend on the house size, model and purpose of use.

Frame strength

The frames of SIP panels enforced with glued timber are extremely strong and relatively light weighted. We design the frame the way to be as strong as possible, and that allows our modules with external and internal finishing and windows to be safely moved, lifted and transported with no risk to damage finishing or windows due to deformation.

The tested loading on the roof is up to 800 kilos per sq. m, allowing any snow or ice thickness on the roof. Modules strength guarantees any wind loads, waterproofed and factory manufactured frame and outside finishing allows to use our houses under high humidity conditions, including coastal areas.

Transportation and installation

Houses in modules produced at the factory and leave it covered with special film and tent at the trucks.

After been delivered, modules are installed to the plot with a crane. The assembling of the modules is simple and straightforward – just attach water supply, electricity, sewerage and seal the roof. Special sealings are designed to easily assemble the modules and complete internal and external finishing. For further movement of the house the sealings might be detached and reused. Our team will provide all the instructions as to the house assembly and installation, including on-line support and consultations. Installation of the house of 82 sq. m. takes up to 6 hours. Then the house is fully ready to live in it.


Our house may be installed on any foundation.

Our houses are relatively light weighted in comparison with brick-houses, but still it is a house. Each module has a weight of 6-12 tons depending on the module size and filling. So appropriate foundation should be done in advance prior to the house delivery and installation. We recommend using screw pile foundations, because it is fast and easy, and it does not harm the plot and plants on it, is environment friendly. The foundation construction depends on local conditions of the ground. We recommend professional service for foundation installation to be used.